Honey Silks Luxury Silk Pillowcase

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After experiencing firsthand the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase, we decided to add this luxury item to Honey Silks & Co. with our own spin on this anti aging favorite. Pairing our hand dyeing technique with the best organic silk creates a true artisan product. Each pillowcase features a deep envelope closure so your pillow stays tucked inside. Sold individually. Made local in Charlotte, NC.

Silk Pillowcase Benefits:

*less friction on hair and skin
*naturally hypoallergenic
*cooling for better sleep
*noticeably less bedhead and fewer wrinkles with prolonged use
*natural dyes means no harmful chemicals were used during the coloring process

Our silk is machine washable on gentle. We recommend using a pH balanced detergent and a free and clear fabric softener to keep your silk feeling luxurious.

Due to the hand dyed process slight imperfections, unique color variation and marbling are normal but that's what we feel makes them truly special. Pillowcases that are labeled imperfect do not have imperfections in fabric or seams. The imperfection could be a slight marking from the hand dyed process that is larger than a pin point. 


Standard/Queen: 30 x 21 inches
King: 36 x 21 inches